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123map Publisher

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Cartography for all

Change colours and fonts of all map contents – easily in your browser. Add or remove details with a single click of your mouse.

Create maps in your client’s corporate design. Designs can be saved permanently and used later for other maps.

Creating maps with special qualities, such as large format postal codes, municipal boundaries or city districts is also a possibility.

Our maps are available as SVG vector files with layers for Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw and Inkscape, as well as JPGs.

95 cents for a custom map?

Did you know that you can purchase a map for as little as 95 cents?

By using our vouchers, you can purchase smaller maps without a minimum quantity surcharge, independent of the circulation volume and available for both print and online media!

Purchase a voucher and benefit from discounts and a simplified downloading procedure.

Does your client want to change the map section? Simply open the saved map in the 123map Publisher. You can save all of your maps in “My maps” without purchasing them.

Added value for your clients and your company

Company locations, branch networks, routes for events, bus schedules, travel guides, cycle and hiking path signs, notice boards and real estate exposés – the possible areas of application are as diverse as the wishes of your clients.

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Choose a template and customize it to your needs.

Video Tutorials

Options and functions explained in a clear way

1. Base functions

Do you need a map for your products? With an individual style and its own character? And all that without a wait time? Here, we show you how.

Create your own map styles. Change the colours of roads, forests, industry zones, bus and railroad lines, parks and hundreds of other layers. Add or remove details. Create your own map project.

2. How to download a map

Do you want to use a map in Adobe Illustrator that looks like the browser version? Do you want to download a map with lots of details? How do you work with map layers in Illustrator? Are symbols from the map transferred to the symbol library?

Here you can find quick answers to all of these questions.

3. How to import GPX tracks

Do you have a file for a hiking or biking route? Or for a motorcycling route? Or for a marathon course, a parade; a file with many, many POIs to be displayed on a map?

No problem with 123map. Simply import your file as GPX and drag-and-drop it into our application. Everything on this topic is explained here in 5 minutes.

4. How to insert other POI categories

Are bus stops important to your client? No? But perhaps ATMs, museums, theatres or one out of 300 other categories.

Find out here how to easily conjure this information on the map and export it for your graphics programme.

5. How to integrate arbitrary fonts

Do you want to use your own corporate design for our maps? That’s no problem with the function for integrating any desired fonts. Simply choose your fonts on your computer and watch them appear on the map.

Change the sizes or add an outline. Save your work as a separate theme and pull it up again at any time.

Choose between German, English or local names for the labels. Be your own cartographer!


Circulation-independent, for use in print and online media
All prices stated are net prices plus VAT.

Single maps

from 9.95 Euro up (minimum order value)

  • Maps in vector or raster formats
  • Usage independent of project and circulation volume
  • Billing of single maps based on size (cm²)

Cost examples

10cm x 10cm = 9.52 Euro
Billing for 9.95 Euro minimum order value
DIN A6 = 14.80 Euro
DIN A5 = 29.60 Euro
DIN A4 = 59.40 Euro
9.524 Cent per cm²
123map Publisher
Create your map here


Discounted vouchers for larger demands

We offer discounts in the form of vouchers that are credited to your customer account.
99 Euro
Corresponds to a value of goods of 104.00 Euro
299 Euro
Corresponds to a value of goods of 321.44 Euro
499 Euro
Corresponds to a value of goods of 548.96 Euro
In addition, vouchers enable purchases below the minimum order value, e.g. a map settled for 6.— Euro.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to observe any copyright notices for the maps?

Notes on the origin and copyright must be noted on the maps. If the maps are used in a PDF or on a website, additional links must be included. For an exact procedure we provide you here a leaflet with all information for download.

Does the price of a map depend on its circulation volume?

A map purchased via, i.e. licenced, is independent of the circulation volume. You may print 100,000 brochures with it or only 10. The price does not change.

Can I use a map for various media in parallel?

A map purchased via, i.e. licenced, can be used in parallel for various media, e.g. simultaneously in a print publication, as a PDF and on a website. There are no additional costs.

May I resell the downloaded map data?

The map data itself must not be resold. However, if you download and edit the map on behalf of one of your clients, the use licence is transferred to your client. As a service provider, you may edit the map for your client, but you do not have any usage rights.

As a service provider, may I use one licenced map for several clients?

To use a map, each client has to acquire the usage rights. This means that if you create a map for company A and customer B also asks to use it, you will have to license the same map for customer B again via our shop.

How is the price of a map calculated?

The purchase of a single map via our shop is calculated using the following formula: width x height in cm divided by 10.5 equals the net sales price of the map.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription to use the software?

To use the software, signing up for a subscription is not necessary. There are no ongoing costs. You are only charged for downloaded maps.

Are there discounts if I buy many maps?

You can purchase a voucher for maps. The higher the amount of the ordered voucher, the higher the respective discount.

What is a voucher?

You can purchase credit for downloading maps via a voucher. With every purchase, the price of the purchased map is deducted from the credit of the voucher until it is depleted. You will be informed of your existing credit after logging in.

What if my remaining voucher credit isn’t enough to order a map?

The following example shows how we settle any remaining credit.

Assuming you have a remaining credit of €13.50 and would like to acquire a map worth €59.40, you would have to purchase the map for the net sales price of €45.90, i.e. the price of the map minus your remaining credit.

Alternatively, you can also top up your credit with a new voucher.

Are 123map’s prices competitive?

123map has been offering the download of maps (pre-press) over the internet since 2004. Gradually, a number of similar supplies have come onto the market. Here, we have drawn a few comparisons to make the decision for 123map easy for you: comparison 01, comparison 02 und comparison 03

May I edit the maps retrospectively?

The maps are designed to be edited subsequently in vector graphics programmes. Therefore: yes, by all means.

Do the vector maps contain layers?

For easy post-editing in vector graphics programmes the maps are delivered with the same layers that you can switch on and off in the application.

Are there real layers in Illustrator?

To open the SVGZ files in Illustrator, we provide you with a script that creates real Illustrator layers from the groups. You can read in tips and tricks how to execute the script.

Is it possible to post-edit the fonts?

All map labels are output as a continuous font, they are neither output as single letters nor converted to paths. This way, everything can be comfortably changed in retrospect with a graphics programme.

How do I create maps for a travel guide?

We have created a comprehensive application manual for the creation of tour maps using the example of a bicycle tour and paddling book. On 35 pages we explain - richly illustrated - the exact procedures. It is explained how to create an attractive overview map with all tours. But also the creation of a single tour map with GPX track and information POIs is discussed in detail. The examples were created with Affinity Designer, but can easily be transferred to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Download free application manual here.

Can I design my own map pictures via the browser?

Yes, there is an extensive amount of functions to design your own maps. Describing them all here would go beyond the scope of the FAQ.

Are there learning videos about the functions of the software? offers various learning videos in German, the essential functions are explained there. We recommend that you watch the video about the base functions in its entirety (approx. 10 minutes).

Can I save my own map pictures for later usage?

Map pictures that you created using the application can be saved anytime and used again later.

Can I map out my own hiking or cycle paths?

Yes, you can drag-and-drop biking or hiking routes in GPX or JSON format onto the map. They will be displayed on the map automatically.

Can I display my own POIs on the map?

Yes, you can add and freely position numbered POIs directly in the application.

Will my own data be retained when I save the map?

Yes, the data is saved and can be edited later.


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