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A cartographic editorial system

In 2008, 123map together with the G+J publishing house developed a system to record and output real estate locations for the special requirements of the business magazine “Capital”’s editorial office. In this way, many German and international real estate locations could be recorded, rated and deployed for printing in the magazine.

example real estate locations

The development of a cartographic editorial system

For their product, the real estate compass, “Capital”’s editorial office continuously needed maps for pre-press. In 2008, these maps were still manually registered and edited in graphics programmes. To handle a more productive number of cities, 123map developed an editorial system based on their map technology that could meet all of the editorial office’s requirements.

Large format paper printouts to send to brokerage offices and tools for graphic designers to enter data directly into the maps greatly simplified the workflow. This way, the number of cities processed increased significantly without increasing staff.

Immediately after the editorial online release of the maps/ratings, the graphics department could export them for pre-press for use in the magazine. Additionally, large format wall maps were created via the system and sold by “Capital” in an online shop, generating additional sales. The system was used by “Capital” until 2014.


  • workflow was adapted to the needs of “Capital”’s editorial team
  • interactive maps were able to be edited and tuned in-house
  • immediate print production of location maps post-release
  • maps fit exactly into editorial articles, regardless of scale
  • editorial intermediate steps could be delivered to brokers via classic media (paper) at any time
  • global system coverage
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