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The entire tour at a glance

The German publishing house Motourmedia uses 123map Publisher to create maps for motorcycle tours through the mountains of Europe

Whether it is beds for bikers, travel reports about touring destinations between the mountains and the sea, test reports on new motorcycles or maps specially made for motorcyclists – Motourmedia offers all of this at first hand. Six times a year, their magazine “Alpentourer – Europas Motorrad-Tourenmagazin" reports on the most beautiful travel destinations for tourers between North Cape and the Adriatic Sea.

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Maps for motorcycle tours

Reports on interesting motorcycle tours need maps. A map offers an overview of the route, its levels of difficulty, the distances and environment.

For imputed reasons, a significantly fewer number of maps could be inserted prior to the use of 123map Publisher. The number of depicted routes easily goes above 30 per edition.

Thanks to the 123map Publisher’s excellent price-performance ratio, this is not a problem anymore. The continuous advancement of the system also allows the use of individual fonts, the display of shading (which is especially important for tours in the Alps) or mountain passes at the touch of a button.

All in all, it’s a big win for the “Alpentourer” and its readers without an increase of production costs.


  • extensive illustrations of all routes with corresponding tour maps
  • increased productivity due to in-house templates
  • no installations – supplied as web service
  • quality increase of the magazine without an increase in production costs
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